Work, work, work!

OK. Here’s our story. You know the story. You get the cute little chicks in May. Everyone “oohs” and “aahs” over them. You nurse them through “crusty butts” and then they become teenagers. You finally move them to the chicken coop that you’ve built out in the yard. And then you wait. And wait. “They” [...]


Living in Portland, Maine each family is graced with the ability according to city code of raising 6 chickens-no roosters at any given time. I have three…well now two, and this where that story really begins. They are funny, worm eating, happy to see me and follow me everywhere chickens when I let them out [...]

Bolero and the Bantam

Once when I was young we had a felllow help out on the farm. I don’t know where he came from, he just showed up one day covered in dirt, like he’d been walking a long way. Anyway, grandpa gave him some money for helping out with the hay one day, and afterwards he slept [...]

Sometimes it doesn't end well

He rolled down the bank and then got up again and looked like he was drunk.

Bertha went to Kevin.

We were first-time backyard chicken owners with six Rhode Island Reds. One afternoon I noticed one of our hens, Bertha, was not acting right. I tried to feed her and see if I could help, but I decided the best thing to do was to pick her up and leave her in the shade in [...]


She was sad, mad, and unhappy. Her friends and sisters had died. It had taken a week to happen.  The raccoon taking two to four chickens every one to three nights until we were at one.  We had started at 10 that week.  The last chicken proved to me that a chicken is more than [...]

Serama Diapers.

Hello, I’m Jill and I have owned at one time every exotic pet out there that can fit into my small apartment. From ferrets to flying squirrels. One day when I was on a Button Quail forum someone mentioned they were thinking of getting a Serama chicken. So I just had to look up what [...]

Late for Church

Growing up as kids we always had dogs and chickens in the yard. One morning before church, my father decided to heat up a sweet potato in the oven and eat it for breakfast. After getting dressed and getting the rest of us kids ready we were running late .  As we were running out [...]

Heidi's Secret

For the past 20 years, we have had a flock of free range, nondescript hens and roosters. As a teacher, I have seen every year the wonder in my students’ eyes when we incubated eggs at school. Concurrently, I always allow one or two broody hens to sit on and hatch eggs, so that when [...]

The Lone Chicken

As a child I grew up on a “hobby farm” way up north. We had a smattering of most barnyard animals represented on the farm. Some were intentionally sought out and some found their way to us through rescue or chance. The most endearing critters (in my mind) were the chickens that we had through [...]

Leo Takes a Ride

I came to be the owner of a very handsome and proud New Hampshire Red. He was destined for the stew pot, but his owner really wanted to find a home for him.  That is how I came home one day with a rooster sitting on the dashboard of my truck. We decided to name him Leo because he [...]

Feed Them to the 'Crocs!

There were all sorts of vehicles pulled over to both sides of the road at either end of the bridge. The bridge allowed the crossing of traffic over the languid Tarcoles River in Costa Rica. We pulled over and jumped out of the SUV, and jogged to the bridge to discover the source of excitement. [...]

Grandma and I Save Blanco's Life!

This happened in the evening of Christmas Eve.  My grandma and I were feeding the animals outside.  It was quite cold and the snow was pretty deep, maybe six to eight inches.  We were almost finished and my grandma told me to go back in the house when I was done feeding the two Pomeranians [...]


Every morning I am greeted joyfully by ten of the goofiest, sweetest ladies. It’s not me they are happy to see. Its what I represent. Not fresh-cracked corn. They won’t touch the stuff. Bird seed or chicken pellets? They’ll eat them, but that will not gain me status. Chickens are like chubby dinosaurs with bonnets [...]

Who Says Chickens are color blind?

It came as a real shock to find out that my chickens could tell what colors they were eating.

Jump, chicken, jump!

Mikenzie Irish is a homeschooled 7th grader in Monkton Vermont. She lives with her parents on nearly 15 acres and are beginning to experiment with homesteading. The chickens, in particular are Mikenzie’s “pet” project. She has 20 hens that she has raised from day old chicks.

Goldie and the Death From Above

One day as I was walking down to the barn I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a kind of visual commotion. Turning my head to figure out what was happening on the track on the side of the barn, I saw a Red Tailed Hawk sitting on one of my chickens. There [...]

Headless Chicken Tours Country - 1947

Notwithstanding some of the stories around here, this one is actually true. Apparently. It concerns the curious case of Mike, the headless chicken. On September 10, 1945 Loyd Olsen of Fruita, CO, went to the chicken coop to harvest a rooster for dinner. He chose Mike, a young Wyandotte. Unfortunately, his decapitation skills left something [...]

The Time My Chicken Ate Charleton Heston.

I once had a chicken who ate my dog. I don’t know why, but the dog was small, and the chicken was, well, big. Very big infact. After eating my admittedly small dog, it went on to eat my canary, a pair of hamsters and my youngest child. Needless to say I was appalled. I [...]

The Life and Death of Mr. Frizzle

A Story of love, sex, death, and nocturnal, beastly raids. The Black Frizzle Cochin is a bantam, smaller than most chickens, and with the unique distinction of having feathers which curve outwards giving the impression, as our hatchery brochure put it, that it had “walked backwards through a windstorm.” We bought two of these birds one year, [...]

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